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A sexual fantasy about Mr. Saukei . wat I do man really I just wanna have like the hards intense sex wit you dawg. I want you to walk up on me from the back. Grab my waist and star t suckin on my neck then i want you turn me around and push me on my knees so i can take ya jeans off. I start lickin on ya dick through ya boxers then i take them off with my teeth, I slowly start licking your dick and then i start the whole thing down my throat you grab the backof my head and smile because your head is on the back of my throat finally after suckin ya dick for about twenty minutes you turn me around eat me out aganist the wall while im yelling ya name the you lube up you slowly insert ya dick into me ending up with you waist aganist mine then go hard as hell for as long as you can while u finally shot you turn me around and let me have it man i wish it was real yo get at me !!!!