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Happy Valentines Day

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about Hpnotiq . Hey Hpnotiq, i saw what you said about having the best fantasy, you might hook up with them, well let me make mines the best, here it goes:

What i want to do with you:

First of all i want to make love with you. Then for a while, while we are kissing, we both will start to strip each other then you get on your knees to suck my dick, and later on, we start to go to the couch. I would start to make you deep throat my shit badly, and then i will switch and will suck our dick and show how its done, and then let you to suck my dick again, and slobber all over it. Once thats done, i will have you get on your knees and have you to lay your head down and bend your back, and then i would eat your ass up, like its pizza, and make that bitch wet, and shove my finges in it. Then i would probably have you to do the same to me. after that i would turn over and would have you to ride my dick. after a few minutes i would gitty up for you and beat up your ass and have you scream my name and for your mommy's name. You would say "ahh shit, fuck ME!!!" and moan, i would say "Take that dick bitch". The i would tell you to work that shit adn make it talk.

After a few minuest i would have you to resuck my dick, then have you to get on the bed and then have you to get on your knees bend your back. I would lick that ass and spit on it, and spit on my dick, and put my big dick you ass, slowly, and then take it out, while you are moaning, and saying "oooh, fuck!!!" or "ahh sht!!!", then i would finally put it in, and would want you to work it, and i would ask you "You like that shit Hyp", and you laugh and wine and say while whining, "HELL YEAH". Then when i think you are working that shit good, and had enough, i would go deeper, and then fall on you hard to have on your stomach, and have you to feel me, and i most def want to feel you. after that few damn good minutes, i say "get on your side nigga", and then put this dick back inside your nice ass. First i would go slow so you can get use to it and get confortable, then i would get faster and faster, harder and harder (hearing you moan and whine), and make you ass clap. Then to get deeper, i would put my hands on your thieghs and push it close to your hot ass stomach, and put my hands on the bed next to you, and left my body and stand on my tippy-toes and then start bangng on yo ass, and have you to bite on the bed sheets. The i would look at you , then kiss you, (btw, you have nice lips, just like KIDD), and you would moan, and whine while we are still kissing, (Damn i love u, and yo lips and ass :) ;)), then we both would back away and you would stare at me and bite yo lips, (Which is one of the ways that turns me on). After your best moment of your life and u think it cant get bettr, i would either take my dick out slowly or quickly, and then would tell you to get on your back (wish is one of your favorite positions,(said so on "Kidds Amusement Park")). I would notice how nice ur hole is, so i would start to spit on ur ass, and lick it and stick my tongue inside that ass. Then i would suck your dick for about a good 30 secs-1 min, and then start kiss your stomach and work my way up to your neck and then kiss you for 10 seconds, and then would start to put my dick inside you, and do the same thing what i did when u were on ur side (start off, slowly, then go faster). Like i love to do, i would then try to go deeper, and i would masturbate your dick for you, then you'll reach your hand towards it and then jack it off your selve, while i still go deep in that ass, then you'll say "Damn i love that dick" , and i'll say "you like that shit?" and you say "yeah and i feel that shit to", and then i say "I feel you to". Then how you look hot everytime when you get fucked, i started to kiss you. Then you started to bust your nut all over your stomach. So after you busted your nut, i continued to fuck you tight ass till i started to bust my nut in your ass, and filled it up. I continued inside you till i knew it was gone. I took my dick out of your ass and then watched you while you pushed all of the cum out of your ass. Once it was all out, i licked all of the cum that was all over your stomach, and then went back to the kissing. And then the END.

(I was kind of thinking of you to fuck me to)

I asked you do you want to do this again, and (hopefully) you said yes. THE END Love to see you, Your favorite (#1) fan, Justen a.k.a Cordd