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Happy Valentines Day

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . Well my second fantasy is that you read my email, and thought it was cute, and just by simple chance you came to DC for a visit and promotional tour, and one of my sons broght you to my house to have some good old fashion sould food, he introduced me as his mom, so you never thought anything about it until he said my name, and you start laughing, you ask me do I know who you are, I tell you that you look very familiar, and you tell me your name and that you was flattered by my fantasy, my son who knows how I just look at you DVD every single day, saying I wish that was me, says MA that is why I brought him here happy birthday, and you do everything to my that I have dreamed about, and I in turn am allowed to suck your dick til you come at least 3 times, eat your ass, and then you shock me and eat mine til I cry, and you make love and fuck me all over my house, talking dirty the whole entire time. After we finish you eat more of my cooking, leave and ask can you come over whenever you are in town. And sure enough you are a man of your word and do exactly that the following month., we did more than just have sex, we took one another to heights unknown in pleasure and ectasy