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A sexual fantasy about Aquarius . My fantasy with Aquarius is make interracial love with him. I want this strong black man to be my master, and I want to be his slave. I want to do his bidding. As he orders me to be his bitch, I want to feel a rise in his levis as I struggle with his belt and begin to unbutton his pants all the while his lips are smothering mine and our tongues are probing each others mouths. He barks out orders that I am too slow. I finally get his pants unbuttoned and his big cock is at last set free and is standing at attention. I guide him to the bed and begin to caress his nips and slowly move downward, nibbling on his skin and stopping at his navel to swirl my tongue in it. I have my hand on his cock and feel the engourged veins that are holding it at attention. I continue to lick downward. There is a sparkling drop of dew on his cock head which I lick and watch it string itself toward my mouth. It is sweet to the taste. My white mouth finally finds Aquarius's cock head. I lick the dark chocolate mushroom and run my tongue around and under the edge of the tip of his dick meat. My mouth engulfs the head and my tongue swirls around the head and flicks at Acquarius pee eye. At Acquaris' orders and encouragement, I begin to take more of the pole into my mouth and my tongue flicks at the engourged cock veins. I continue my downward track until I have all of the black babymaker in my mouth and my face buried in his pubes. My hand cups his nutsac as I try to push them into my mouth. I back off for air and continue the descent over and over again. Acquarius begins to moan and his cock gets even harder. I back of as I don't want him to cum so fast. I lather his balls with my saliva and continue under his sack toward his rosebud. He lifts his legs and I find his hole and begin to tongue fuck it again and again until he moans. I lick up and down his butt crack until I find the rosebud again and I suck on it. My tongue acts like a dart piercing his opening. I stop for breath and lick my way back toward his balls. My mouth climbs the tower again and deepthroats the shaft over and over again. The moaning gets louder, the nutsac becomes taut and Acquarius begins to arch his back. Aquarius announces that he is cumming. This is my cue to deepthroat the pole. Wave after wave of Aquarius's man seed is pumped down my esophagus. I try to back off for air, but his strong hands push on the back of my head when another tsunami wave of cum is deposited deep in my innards. Acquarius keeps his hands on my head and he pumps and pumps until he is totally drained. He lets go of me and falls back onto the bed. Good job, bitch. I get on the bed and lay my head on his lower belly near his crotch. We fall asleep. In a couple of hours I awake, and there is Aquarius dick standing at attention and throbbing as if nothing had happened two hours earlier. Both of us are ready for more and we repeat our actions with even more intensity. After the third round, I wrap Aquarius manhood in Benjamins as he dresses to leave. He hugs me, kisses me, and calls me a bitch ho' and that he will be back soon, and there had better be more Benjamins for him the next time.